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Mortgages and Equity Release


Mortgages are at the very heart of a modern property-owning society. Whether they are being used for the purchase of your home, a holiday property or by way of a business investment (e.g. buy-to-let), your mortgage may be critically important in living life the way you wish to.
For UK homeowners aged 55 and over, equity release could offer a way to release tax free cash from your home. We can help and advise you on what options are available to you.


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Equity Release

Equity release means releasing money from the value of your home, either as a lump sum or as a new monthly income. This is done by retaining the use of your home but using its value to generate a new source of earnings. With house prices rising and retirement income diminishing, it can be tempting for those who wish to increase their income later in life. However, equity release schemes are complex - sometimes they do not offer value for money and sometimes come with many hidden costs and risks. It is vital to take independent financial advice before signing up to a scheme, to make sure you consider all the possibilities and implications. our experts will go through the most suitable schemes, explain how they work, highlight any risks and talk you through any alternatives.